We’re ad people, who work in politics; not political people slapping together ads.


The reason people hate political ads is because most ads are terrible.


We create quality ads that move voters.


Our California-based production team is the best in the business. Our post-production is world class and state of the art.


Your ads will be fresh and relevant; engaging and motivating. We cut through the clutter with quality.


Our campaigns seamlessly combine TV, radio, and digital to increase brand lift and recall.

We don’t just do broadcast or just do digital. We meld them together for maximum effect.

We build your ad strategy as an integrated, focused persuasion campaign that informs and inspires voters.

To tell your story, your way, brilliantly. That’s what we do.


We limit the number of campaigns we take on.


No firm can give dozens of clients the service they deserve, as Election Day approaches.


Don’t get lost in the crowd.


From us, you’ll get custom tailored ads, not ads repackaged from other races.


You’ll have access to senior professionals, not junior staff.


We know our clients are important to the creative process – and we treat them that way.



We Win Races

We don’t tell clients what to say. We listen, hear your story. We create a strategy for delivering your message across all outlets, platforms and screens in the most effective way possible.

We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions.
We approach each client as a unique assignment.

We only do what we’re good at.
We won’t sell you direct mail, phones or anything other than effective ads and strategies that move voters.

We’ve been at this for a long-time
-- 35 years in fact. Not many other firms can say that. Over time, we’ve won more than 400 campaigns.

Quality, Not Volume

Your campaign is important. Don’t trust your ads to someone who doesn’t have the experience, track record and skills we offer.

From concept, shoot planning, scouting, and scripting, we use the tools major ad firms use to give you a quality product.

We use the best and most up to date post-production facilities available.

Most importantly, our clients see everything – scripts, early cuts, revision. We don’t hide the process.